Our approach is very different from most other schools. Please carefully consider each statement before continuing on to the application.

I am looking for a choice-based program that offers opportunities for independent, self-directed study (open classroom) as well as teacher guided activities and courses (workshops).

I want my child's education to have the guidance and support of a team consisting of certified and non-certified teachers.

I want my child to have choice and collaboration in their learning, but I also wish them to try new things and progress at their own pace through the BC learning outcomes.

I want a hands-on, experiential and holistic curriculum for my child.

I want a progressive approach to reading, writing and math based on research and experience. I understand this approach may be different than what I am familiar with, and staff are very willing to discuss this with me.

I want to help and encourage my child to think creatively and understand deeply what they are learning about through a program that does not rely on worksheets and textbooks.

I want my child to have a bioregional and global perspective integrated into their learning.

I want my child to be in a multi-age environment where age and grade do not determine academic placement and social relationships.

I understand that Oak and Orca uses a Compassionate Communication approach to conflict that does not focus on consequences.

I am willing to participate in the community at Oak and Orca when I can and as needed (i.e. attend parent meetings, volunteer at the Bioregional Fair)

I want the teachers to observe and track my child's learning path and provide anecdotal feedback but not marks or grades.

I want my child to explore and learn about math, science, reading, writing, people & places, nature and the environment, and other integrated subjects.

Yes! Oak and Orca Bioregional School sounds like a program that will meet my family's needs.