The Inspector of Independent Schools has made it clear that all schools must retain ownership of non-consumable items including books and equipment purchased with Ministry granted funding. When you leave HOHL or the items no longer match your child's HOHL learning goals, the items would need to be returned to HOHL, or purchased from HOHL at a cost based on the original purchase price and depreciation over time. While some wear and tear is normal, it is expected that all loan items will be maintained and used carefully within the home.

Loan items include:

Before submitting this loan agreement, please ensure you have already submitted a budget request through for the items listed here.



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The student(s) listed above is(are) active in the HOHL program.

the complete list of the items you are requesting to be loaned to you.

In order for loan requests to be approved, in addition to submitting this loan agreement, you must be active in the program, meaning that you are communicating regularly with your HOHL teacher and that you are up-to-date with weekly work samples and any requests for submission of answers to reflection questions (5 times per year).

1. The items listed above are needed for my child(ren)'s learning experiences. We are fully active in the program and communicate regularly with our teacher. We are up-to-date with weekly work samples and any requested reflection questions.

2. I understand that if approved, non-consumable items and equipment will be used in my home on loan and all loaned items remain the property of Oak and Orca School (DL). I will keep these items in good working order, apart from normal wear and tear.

3. If my child/children leave(s) HOHL or the items are no longer required for their learning plan(s), I agree to either purchase the items at the depreciated value determined by the school or return them within a reasonable time period.

Please enter your full name to acknowledge the above responsibilities and warrant that the information provided in this form is true.


Submitting this form is an agreement for items requested and not a guarantee that they will be purchased by HOHL.

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